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Welcome to My World

Heathyrre Kautz

Hi everyone! My name is Heathyrre Kautz, and I am a professional freelance makeup artist. I recently began my own business, Heathyrre Kautz Couture, which is a mobile makeup artistry service specializing in beauty, bridal, and high fashion makeup styles, including makeup for print, TV, film, video, runway, costume/body painting, as well as private lessons and classes.

Although I have been doing makeup for over 14 years now, I am however, very new to blogging!  I  welcome your comments, makeup how-to questions, and ideas for future topics. Please feel free to check out my website at, and see my work.

The Art of Makeup has held a life long fascination for me beginning in my early childhood, watching my elder sisters making up their faces before work.  I was hooked even then!  I am having a flashback now to pre-teen years, recalling wildly colored, vertically striped eyeshadows, and other freakish looks otherwise known as “experimentation.” Like everyone does when they are learning, I made my share of  makeup “hot -messes.”  After much practice, and mimicking different styles I saw in teen magazines growing up, it is no surprise life would eventually take me to a career as a makeup artist. For me, having an educational background in Fine Art, specifically drawing, oil painting, and metalwork, makeup is simply another medium to create beautiful art and endless possibilities for transformation. Makeup may not be able to change the world, but I believe it can be a step toward learning more about yourself, feeling more beautiful and self-confident, and celebrating your own individuality.

My career in the makeup industry began as a representative for Lancome Cosmetics in 1995. After learning how to assess clients skin care and basic beauty needs, I became eager to learn more about color theory, tools, technique, and more advanced makeup application.  This took me to becoming an artist for M.A.C. Cosmetics, one of the beauty industry’s leading pro- artistry brands. Having received among the best artistic training offered within the cosmetic industry, I was able to truly hone my skills during my 10 years with M.A.C. I had the pleasure of working with celebrities such as the cast of the Broadway musical “Wicked,” Emmy Award winning actress Linda Dano, and the band Jane’s Addiction.

After leaving M.A.C, I founded Heathyrre Kautz Couture, Professional Makeup Artistry LLC in 2009. I have since been able to further explore my passion for edgy, creative artistry by working with some of Denver’s best photographers, such as Bogdan Morozovskiy, Dana Pennington, Carl Snider,  Kim Nodurft, Don Hales, James Morales, and Darrell & Sherry Pierson of Body Photage Inc.,  as well as director/ writer/ actor Junior Ray. I have earned an IMDB credit,  a feature on the cover of Fashion Models Magazine (FMM), and had editorial spreads in FMM, Plus Model Magazine, and Venus Diva magazines. With my technical skill and painter’s eye for color, texture and detail, creating a work of art customized to every unique client is my trademark.

Now that I have introduced myself, and given you an idea of “My World”, with much more to come in the near future–I would like to take a moment to thank a few special people I have yet to mention. A sincere thank you to Kathleen Krucoff of, who was the brains behind my website. She has been an emormous help to me in all things “cyber”, as I had much to learn, and still do! I would also like to say a sincere thank you to two of my closest friends: Lexi Erickson (–long-time friend, mentor, and guide in all things called “LIFE”, and Marissa Cyrus– great friend, makeup artist, and source of unending support. You both mean the world to me!

This week I am trekking to Santa Fe for a bit of artistic inspiration, and fabulous Mexican food!  The journey through “Heathyrre’s World” has ended for now. So until the next time…have a wonderful March, and thank you all for taking a moment to read my blog!

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